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Xiu Xiu 天浴

Portada [Ag45]






Compositor:Johnny Chen
Año de composición:1998
Fecha de salida:1998-12-09
Discográfica:Rock Records
Impresor:Rock Records (Taiwán)
Código de barras:4710149621962


1.Buried Love 葬愛 ♥6:15:62
2.Desirous Water Version 半甜慾水 ♥3:54:73
3.Passionate 慾望之水4:26:17
4.Tranquil Night 涼夜窗情3:07:35
5.Farewell 送別離 ♥3:07:48
6.Whispering Steppes 細雨咽咽的草原 ♥4:39:05
7.Happyness 幸福3:54:42
8.Happy Singing 汲水之歌3:18:33
9.Starry Night 星光滿天1:36:72
10.Admiring Rainbow 慾望彩虹1:04:23
11.Unfamiliar 生澀不安0:40:35
12.Confused Loose One’s Mind 神魂迷顛1:32:62
13.Fire of Rage 憤怒之火1:26:63
14.The Second Apple 第二個蘋果 ♥4:45:42
15.Grief Indignation 悲憤之水5:10:03
16.Desirous Water 慾水 (主題曲演奏版)4:39:45
17.Dense Fog Forest (TV Version) 迷霧森林0:49:30
18.Desirous Water 慾水 (電影中文主題曲)4:40:12


Música compuesta por Johnny Chen 小蟲. Orquestaciones de Ed Martel, Greg Adams y Marlene Hajdu.

Dirigida por Joel Lish. Músicos solistas destacados: Chyi Yu 齐豫 (voz), Tiffany Yi Hu (violín), Chen Zhao (violín), Mark Hollingsworth (flauta), Phil Feather (oboe), Carmen Dragon (arpa), Liesl Erman (arpa), Alicia Sassano (voz) y Marcella Sassano (voz).

Grabada por Toby Foster (orquesta) y Mark Nathan (voz). Mezclada por Dan Blessenger. Masterizada por Brian Gardner. Album producido por Johnny Chen 小蟲.

Letra de Whispering Steppes:

Love is dear, love is rare
Love is never where your eyes would stare
Unexpectedly, even blindingly
Love will show its face to you, no lie

Fears subside, clearly why
Time has come for me to stand aside
Unencumberedly, though reluctantly
Upon the whispering steppes I lie with pride

It was the cradle of my hopes, now lies my resting grave
The warmth of life has left me half-embraced
For those who rendered fears and pain
I will surely pay with a smile you can’t escape

Free at last, from the past
Time has come for me to greet the vast
Unencumberedly, though reluctantly
Upon the whispering steppes I lie

Unencumberedly, so gracefully
Above the whispering steppes I’d fly


Tian yu / 天浴 / Xiu Xiu (1998)
Película dirigida por Joan Chen. Interpretada por Lu Lu, Lopsang, Zheng Qian, Jie Gao, Qianqian Li, Yue Lu, Qian Qiao, Cheng Jiang, Xiaoyu Yang, Xuejun Gu, Huri, Zhizhung Lik, Kun Zhang, etc.


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