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The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo

Portada [Ah62]


TimT's Soundtracks †3,5


Compositor:John Scott (1930)
Año de composición:1997
Fecha de salida:1997
Discográfica:JOS Records
Referencia:JSCD 123
Código de barras:5018546977231


1.Main title3:03:37
2.Pursued by Bogh and One Eye3:23:06
3.The Harmony of the jungle3:07:57
4.Shere Khan on the prowl2:21:06
5.The Train adventure3:41:58
6.Mowgli and Timo go hunting3:43:39
7.The Blue Danube [Johann Strauss Jr.]1:35:44
8.The Bandar-log1:03:10
9.Chimps on a roll1:59:18
10.Peaceful night1:17:04
11.Banished from the Wolf Cave2:57:49
12.Terror in the Lost City6:17:04
13.Captured by Kaa3:01:50
14.Circus life2:52:66
15.Chasing the tiger2:01:03
16.Baloo rescues Mowgli from the cage2:01:21
17.Finding Timo1:05:12
18.King Murphy's court3:37:66
19.In the Temple of the Cobras4:30:29
20.Crack shot Buldeo misses again0:59:73
21.Animals to the rescue3:29:56
22.Snake lift3:18:63
23.Buldeo gets fired - from a cannon2:53:45
24.Harmony returns to the jungle4:10:47


Música compuesta y dirigida por John Scott.

Interpretada por The Seattle Symphony.

Grabada y mezclada por Toby Foster. Album producido por John Scott.


The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo / Mowgli y Baloo (1997)
Película dirigida por Duncan McLachlan. Interpretada por Gulshan Grover, Jamie Williams, Bill Campbell, Roddy McDowall, David Paul Francis, Dyrk Ashton, Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy, B.J. Hogg, Amy Robbins, etc.


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