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Compositor:Mario Millo (1955)
Año de composición:2001
Fecha de salida:2001
Discográfica:ABC Music
Código de barras:9399032120925


1.Changi - Opening Titles1:16:34
2.Dave and Kate2:30:63
3.Arriving at Changi1:35:29
4.Gordon Remains on Box0:59:02
5.White Cliffs of Dover1:48:64
6.Bill and Betty2:23:06
7.Shindo's Theme2:54:58
8.Mass Execution2:06:46
9.I Only Have Eyes for You1:25:26
10.Eddie Hits Target0:48:55
11.Dave Recalls Concussion1:16:35
12.Eddy at Mother's Deathbed1:21:47
13.Lofty Lies Dead0:43:26
14.Vi Romances Curly1:22:00
15.Top Hat, White Tie and Tails2:15:57
16.Caught in Light and Time0:56:74
17.Disbelief in Lofty's Death1:17:21
18.Curly What Have You Done1:20:17
19.I'll See You Again1:39:45
20.Dave Will Go to Reunion0:55:38
21.Eddy's Mother's Last Words1:45:11
22.Nakamura's Dream1:25:50
23.Bye, Bye Blackbird1:05:46
24.Young Curly Hides2:38:34
25.Old Gordon Has a Stroke2:07:72
26.Happy Birthday Eddy1:12:59
27.Bill and Betty Say Goodbye1:33:63
28.Danny Boy1:38:17
29.Side by Side1:07:74
30.Nakamura Arrives at Changi0:58:61
31.Tanaka Kills Lofty1:36:57
32.Curly in Trauma1:48:46
33.Tom in Shock0:50:27
34.Rowdy's Goodbye1:45:66
35.I'll Be Seeing You1:44:10
36.Rowdy's Spark of Joy1:45:00
37.Soldier of the Emperor1:19:10
38.The Last Night2:51:40
39.Over the Rainbow2:03:37
40.Dave Goes to War1:33:68
41.The Aftermath2:05:32
42.Guillaume Dies1:10:66
43.We'll Meet Again1:33:56
44.Changi - Closing Titles1:37:50
45.Nevertheless I'm in Love With You2:08:05


Música compuesta por Mario Millo. Orquestaciones de Mario Millo.

Interpretada por la Orchestra Pro Musica (Sydney), dirigida por Christopher Gordon. Orquesta contratada por Coralie Hartl.

Grabada y mezclada por Christo Curtis. Masterizada por Christo Curtis. Album producido por Mario Millo.


Changi (2001)
Miniserie dirigida por Kate Woods. Interpretada por Stephen Curry, Leon Ford, Anthony Hayes, Matthew Newton, Mark Priestley, Matthew Whittet, Geoff Morrell, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Frank Wilson, Terry Norris, etc.


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